When you need more than just another software.

Custom Development

Years of experience in a wide array of technical fields enable us to make an application worthy of your needs.

Code Quality

Because we vouch for process automatization, we have a great emphasis on automatic testing. After every change that is done to the code, automatic tests make sure that any bug ever discovered is never reproduced.

Wide Expertise

During our long jurney we met with multiple frameworks, which enables us to develop any type of application – from desktop, web application, to phone and tablet applications that work on multiple platforms.

Close Cooperation

Close cooperation with our clients enables us to analyse their problems and find the best possible solution for them. Regular progress reports and feedbacks keeps the transition to production much smoother.

Close Cooperation

We offer our customers high quality services and close cooperation in all fazes of the project. We offer help with problem analysis. This way, we become aware of their situation, problems and needs in the early stages of project development, which in turn enables us to form customer-oriented and optimized solutions.

During the development we accept and acknowledge any given feedback and so can create an appropriate product for our customers. After the project is concluded and solution is delivered to the customer, our cooperation does not end, as we also offer trainings, support ticketing system and knowledge base.

Use of Platforms

Primarily we use .NET platform, which enables us to create Web applications, Windows application  and also applications for smart phones of Android or iPhone type. Extensive knowledge of web technologies and cooperation with graphical design companies enable us to create modern web applications with a well-rounded look-and-feel and intuitive user interface. Besides already mentioned types of applications, we also produce connectors for Forefront and Microsoft Identity Management and web applications in Azure.

Partner Network

At the start of development cycle, if needed, we use our partner network to consult with other experts in the field. This way we are able to prepare the best possible solutions for our customers. Our cooperation with graphical design companies enable us to involve them in the early stages of project execution, which brings forward much better visual image of the finished product.

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