What do the best practives look like? How can we optimize, maintain and migrate systems?


With the help of highly qualified profesionals we can help with optimization, maintenance and migration of your systems. 

Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management is nowdays becomming more and more actual field, as it can have a big impact on hidden costs in medium to big sized companies. Our knowledge in the field enables us to make improvements in the following areas:


Too slow and out of date removal of permissions can cause critical vulnerabilities through unmodified or even forgotten accounts. Automatization of inactive employee account deactivation and permission removal, together with permission approval policy greatly increase the system security. Implementing two- or more-factor authentication can add another layer of security on top of that.

Reducing Workload of IT Department

Automatic provisioning of permissions and accounts does not only increase the security of the system, but can make a huge impact on IT workload. This is covered by synchronization service which, together with RBAC and ABAC controllers grants newly employed personnel roles, which are calculated based on their job, organizational unit, employment type, ...

Lowering Hidden Costs

Each time a user has to wait for permissions to be granted, represents a cost. In some bigger companies it can take even up to a week. The problem can get even worse if any mistakes are made, as this may extend the process of granting permissions for another week. Workflows in Identity management enable us to simplify the process of granting permissions and to distribute the approval between system owners. This way we can make sure that the right user has the right permissions in time.

Reports and Revisions

Reports which display which person had which permissions and why at any given time, make security revisions and licensing review much easier. They also help the customers when preparing to ISO standards which request exact security access reports.


Databases can always present necessity as much as a challenge. Choosing the correct database and preparation of appropriate schema can have a major impact on the sistem which later uses it. When making important decisions, our certified database professionals can offer help.

Choosing Technology

First challenge we face when starting a new project that needs a database, is the choice of technology. Based on the customers requests and wishes we help them choose the most appropriate database management system and prepare everything necessary for the project to later work without interrpution. Our experts are knowlable in MS SQL, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others.

Scheme Creation

Creating a perfect schema in the form of E-R diagram is often accompanied with a lot of communication with our customers. We help the customers define their problems and needs and together we prepare a schema which works the best for them. Together, we predict the load of the database to create action plans on optimization of the database when deployed.

Optimizing Existing Databases

Behind the databases there is a wide area of techniques. That is why we can help our customers with knowledge on best practices and in-depth knowledge of Query Optimizer. In some cases the databases are simply too big, to work fast. In those cases, we can help our customers with setting up correct indexes, table partitioning and other tricks for extral large databases.

Database Maintenance

Not correctly maintaining databases can, in time, lead to many problems, from slowness and unresponsiveness, to disks being filled with logs, even when database itself is small and does not contain much data. Together with customer we can prepare sensible maintenance plans for on-premise or cloud-hosted databases.

Migrating to Cloud​

Migration of solutions, databases or services to cloud can represent an opportunity to reduce stress or even retire on-premise servers for many companies. Our experts can help customers to migrate with the following steps:

Architecture Revision

Before migrating to cloud we can help our customers with revision of current architecture and by suggesting necessary adaptions of architecture. Together, we go through their needs and which cloud provider is best for them. This way we prepare everything for a painless migration in later stages.

Migration Execution

We help customers to execute the migration, establish a continous deployment and help set up versioning of their solution and APIs in the cloud. Using user configuration, VPN and IP restrictions we also make sure that the deployment and/or database in cloud is properly secured.

Maintnance Planning

Cloud offers a lot of options, which enable us fast reaction when there are problems and the least amount of downtime possible. With the help of georeplication functionality, we can make sure that the users get their resources from the closest cloud deployment and that if a local downtime occurs, it only effects a small part of the network.

Labelling Automation

With the help of our partner, NiceLabel, we also offer our customers labelling solutions. Our added value enables their platform to solve many of the problems labelling enterprises are facing and to remove many of the hidden costs related to bad labelling makes.

Create Labelling Processes

Using NiceLabel LMS, we create labelling workflows - from versioning of files to file approval workflows. Use of permissions enables us to divide users on approvers and editors (and more), and extensive logging of events provides information of every operation that was executed. That way we knoww which user printed which label, and when.

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